Links and Favorites

Here is a list of my favorite sites for science, engineering and math:

Central Texas Engineering Week Foundation has some great experiments for Elementary thru High School, dealing with engineering. I encourage you to sign up and become a volunteer.

Here is a cool site with a great math worksheet creator called Superkids

Here is a good science education site called TryScience.  It is aimed more at the older students from 5th grade to middle-school.

Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel is, without a doubt, my favorite program on TV right now.  Science for everyday and they blow stuff up…  The Discovery Channel also has a great reference site for teachers called

If you want to learn about Sound, Acoustics and Waves, Dr. Russell’s site is one of the best for learning about waves and sound.

Here is another good reference site for teachers called ProTeacher.

Here is a great place for free clipart of all kinds called Classroom Clipart.

Steven Spangler’s website is another great place for science experiments and other cool stuff.

Here is Bill Nye, the Science Guy’s website. It has lots of cool science stuff.