QUEST works!

Dear Kurt,

I truly am in awe that you - as a volunteer - continue to provide a consistent, fun spark of extra science curriculum at Purple Sage after all of these years. You have done more and continue to do more than you will likely ever get full credit for or full compensation. The TEA numbers prove it.

Though I am no longer at Purple Sage, I continue to check TEA ratings and wanted to personally congratulate your efforts toward helping the school achieve higher percentages every year in science. The numbers are truly amazing. If the powers that be do not fully appreciate the impact you have made in these students and at this school, they are fooling themselves. It is clear that it is not solely classroom instruction that is making science stand out consistently year after year with improvement and commendation.

The numbers truly are amazing. You have done an outstanding job. I hope that others schools will take on this model. Congrats on all of your hard work along with the great QUEST volunteers who help deliver the message.

Sincerely former science QUEST volunteer,

Clara G. Herrera

cc: Jesus Chavez, PhD. Superintendent, RRISD

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